5 Fun Ways To Wear A Scarf

Scarves are an accessory that can actually make you look stylish and Oh so trendy and make your boring outfit more interesting. And, the best part is it can be worn in so many different ways and can change the overall look of your outfit. Here, I will be showing you 5 different ways to wear a scarf.

5 Fun Ways of Wearing a Scarf:

#1.  Around Neck:

To get this look,

  • Take a scarf, put it around your shoulders and tie a knot.
  • Take one loose piece and wrap it around the knot.
  • Take the end piece of the same and pull it over from the loop.
  • Take the second piece from the middle and put it in the same loop.

And, here you go!

Around neck (ways to wear a scarf)

#2.  Shrug:

For this one,

  • Put the scarf around your shoulders, pin it up at the front in a way that it doesn’t fall off from the shoulders.
  • Take both the leftover pieces and tie them into a knot.

Shrug (ways to wear a scarf)

#3.  Around Bun:

For this look,

  • Fold the scarf, wrap the folded piece around your bun and tie a knot at the lower of your bun.
  • Also, if you don’t want the end pieces to be hanging out, just take both the pieces and tuck them inside the scarf with the bobby pin.

And, you are done!

Around Bun (ways to wear a scarf)

#4.  As a Headband:

For this one too, you gonna need a folded scarf.

  • Wrap it around your head and tie it into a knot at the nape of your neck.
  • Take the leftover pieces and tie them into a knot around your neck
  • Take one loose piece and wrap it over the knot.
  • Tuck in whatever’s left into the knot.

And, here it is!

Headband (ways to wear a scarf)

#5. Knot over the top:

For this look,

  • Just wrap the scarf around and tie a knot.
  • Set it up to make it look clean and tidy.

And, You are done!

Knot over the top (ways to wear a scarf)

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